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What are we requesting?

We are requesting the audit of Puerto Rico’s fiscal debt.

What is an audit?

An audit is the evaluation and assessment of the accumulation of debt, including ascertaining the legality and appropriateness of the decisions and processes that created the level of public indebtedness.

What for?

For transparency.

To understand how we got here.

To determine who is responsible for what happened and to prevent this from happening again.

To stop the indiscriminate increase in taxes, electricity and water tariff, and tolls, among other costs passed

   on to citizens that in the end YOU will pay for.

To avoid further layoffs, unemployment and the deterioration and/or elimination of essential services such as   

   health, education and security.

How can I support?

By signing this petition, you will ask the Governor, the Treasury Secretary, and other public officials to disburse the necessary funds and resources to the Commission for the Comprehensive Audit of the Public Credit that was created by Law 97 of 2015.

Without an audit of the debt, people in Puerto Rico are blindly paying back money without an understanding of how it was accumulated or spent. We demand that all public officials in Puerto Rico give their unconditional support for an AUDITING OF THE DEBT.

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